Leather craftsmen generations


Years of history


Square meters


Startups supported


We are able to give to the customer a complete service, starting from the development of the draw, until to arrive at the finalization of the product.

Thanks to the company’s qualified entourage, we are able to offer a professional consulting service concerning technical suggestions on the project and also proposals on materials and hardwares to use to reach a quality final result

Design & developement

The design is the most important first step to create any items : we take care and attention to the development of every detail and element, thanks to the creativity, passion and experience of our staff, availing of the best technologies on the market and of our qualified suppliers too.

Materials research

Each detail is important and for this reason we offer a service based on the research of quality materials and elements.

Due to the experience and the trust reached over the years, we have strengthened a really satisfactory relationship with the best suppliers in Italy, thus giving us the chance to offer the best materials and accessories, certified and manifactured in Italy.

Samples and variants

After the development of the first prototype and the completions of the details, we move to the realization of the samples and the duplication in different material/color variants.

At the end of the process the customer is able to see the final product and the whole collection and can proceed with production orders

Big and small production

The company, in addition to the own qualified staff, expands through its own external supply chain, made up of expert artisans and masters of the sector.

In this way we are able to manage every request, starting to high fashion accessories, up to commercial production, paying attention to each step to achieve an excellent final product.